Monday, October 22, 2012

CMW Poem Series: Carma

When I lived in Idaho City, Crazy Mountain Woman, Buckblackhoof, and I would trailer our horses up to Pine Creek to do our riding. It was always enjoyable, and if Buck didn't ride with us, we would let friends ride his horse. I was surprised to see how much the area has changed. Instead of turning the sharp corner in the clue below, you used to be able to keep going straight up the hill. Now you can barely tell there was a road there.

The fun and laughter we shared together will always be a treasured memory. Sometimes I wish I still lived there so that we could make more memories on fantastic rides. I wish I had a picture for this poem, maybe someday I will. So, Crazy Mountain Woman, here is your poem:


Remember the ride 
Where we sang as we rode
Beneath towering pines
On that old forest road?

 The sun shone so bright
In the sky, summer blue
We laughed and we chattered
As sisters will do.

We've always been close
In both mind and heart
Born on the same day
Though five years apart.

We like the same things
But we are different, too,
My hair is brown, yours is blonde
My eyes green, yours are blue.

We laugh at Dad's jokes
Though his humor is dry
And we keep Mom posted
On every new talent we try.

We like to sing together
We're sisters, so we blend
And I can truly say
You are my closest friend.

I know you'll always be there
When I need a listening ear
Sharing joy and sorrow,
Sad or happy tears.

And I will be here for you
As a sister and a friend
Because I will always love you,
Worlds without end. 

Clue to the Letterbox:

North of Idaho City approximately 9/10ths of a mile is the Bannock Creek/Pine Creek/Thorne Butte Lookout road. Turn right onto this road, cross the creek and take the right fork. Do not cross the creek again, but follow Forest Road 304 uphill. Take Forest Road 347 (about 1.4 miles from the highway). Turn the sharp corner and park in the second small pull out (1.5 miles from the highway). Off the road, downhill, to the right just in front of where you parked is a group of boulders. One of the boulders (the largest) is relatively flat. On the creek side of this boulder beneath branches and duff you will find "Carma".

Note:  This stamp is large (4 inches by 3 1/2 inches).           

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