Wednesday, July 6, 2016

CMW Poem Series: The Blues

I finally got the opportunity to plant my letterbox CMW Poem Series: The Blues, on June 25, 2016. The happy occasion was my niece's wedding. I wanted to plant this box where I wrote the poem, and I don't travel as much as I used to, so hadn't gone over the blues probably since I wrote the poem. Thank you, Danielle, for getting married in Oregon, so that I would have an excuse to visit this area where I would always take a much needed break during my travels.

To find the box:
This box can be reached whether traveling east or west on I-84. If you are traveling east, take Exit 228 for Deadman's Pass. Follow the signs for the Scenic Viewpoint. This will mean traveling through the one way tunnel under the interstate. (There is a rest area on both sides of the highway at this point. Both these rest areas are beautiful, and I spent many a stop walking around them to get the kinks out of my legs.)
Traveling west on I-84, take Exit 234 for Emigrant Springs State Park, and follow the signs to the Scenic Viewpoint.
Follow the gravel road up to the turn around at the viewpoint. You will notice that a rough road continues on, but is blocked by large boulders. Find the geological survey marker near the boulders. Follow the old road on foot, passing a big Douglas fir. Just beyond it, to the left, is a large log. "The Blues" are hiding under the root end of this log, hidden by bark and duff.

You should be able to see this view from where you find the box.