Thursday, April 25, 2013

CMW Poem Series: Point of View

Several years ago I used to do a lot of traveling for work. One time I had the opportunity to travel to New Mexico, where I passed by these ruins. I couldn't resist stopping to take pictures, and eventually this picture inspired a poem.

Crazy Mountain Woman and I share a birthday, so we took another birthday trip to St. George, UT, (we did the same thing two years ago). Today we journeyed back up to Cedar City to find the rest of the letterboxes in that area. We went up SR 14 and came across this beautiful vista point where you could see Zion National Park. What a great place to plant "Point of View"!

Directions:  From Cedar City, UT, take SR 14 up the canyon. Between mileposts 16 and 17 there is an overlook or view point. When we stopped there on April 25, 2013, there was a place for an informational sign, but no sign. I don't know if it is taken down for the winter and put back up in the summer or if it has been permanently removed.

Clues:  Stand facing the sign (or the view towards Zion if the sign is still gone). To your left is a tall group of aspen with four sub-alpine spruce to the left of them. There is a trail going down hill on both the near side of this group of trees and on the far side. Take the second trail, but don't go down very far. See the two fallen trees to your left? The letterbox is hidden between those to logs, about two feet from the west end. There is a knotty limb that looks like it is joining the two trees just to the east of the letterboxe's hiding place.

I do not get down this way very often, so if the box is in need of maintenance or goes missing, please AQ mail me.  Thanks!

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