Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CMW Poem Series: Above the Clouds

Sunrise above the clouds at Haleakala, the picture behind the poem.

View of Henry's Lake from 30 steps off the survey marker.

Since I planted this letterbox on July 4, 2013, I guess it is about time that I post the clues to find it. I actually took this letterbox with me on my trip to St. George in April, but didn't find a suitable place to plant it.

Sawtelle Peak is about as far above the clouds as you can get in Island Park. To get to the top, find Sawtelle Peak Road off of Highway 20. It is the last crossroads heading north from Ashton before you reach "the flats". There is a Chevron station on the south east side of the crossroad, and a Subway located on the north west side. The road heading east is called North Big Springs Loop Road, and the road heading west is Sawtelle Peak Road.


Follow this road clear to the top of the peak, and park in the large parking area near the "No Unauthorized Vehicles" sign. Make your way to the knoll behind the radar, it doesn't matter which way you go, as long as you climb to the top of the knoll. In a pile of rocks near the top you will find a survey marker.

Stand on the survey marker and take 30 steps at 312 degrees. (Remember, I am short, so take 30 small steps!) You should be standing almost on top of the hiding place. Just in front of you and to your right is a circular cut in the cliff with a steep drop (see photo to right). If you look to your left, about two steps down is one of the many social trails. Step down onto this trail and you should see the little nook you were standing almost on top of. A fist sized rock is hiding the letterbox from view. Upon removing a couple of rocks, you will find a duct taped piece of cardboard. Behind this cardboard is the letterbox.

Someone had already found the letterbox when I went up to take the compass reading. The picture above is how I found it. I took a couple of more rocks up to help hide it, but loose rocks are hard to find at the top. Boys (including the really tall boys) find it amusing to throw rocks off the top.  :)

This is a really popular place for locals to take their friends. It is less crowded early in the morning, but take a jacket because it can be cool even on hot afternoons. Please be exceedingly stealthy when retrieving and re-hiding the box.